SLC Associates High Definition Laser Scanning

High Definition Laser Scanning

B ased in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom , SLC Associates scanning division specialises in high definition 3D laser survey, point cloud conversion and CAD modelling and can provide a range of services to industry, including marine, aviation, engineering and construction. Our Leica C10 is perfect for large scale surveys of buildings, aircraft stands, factories, ships, superyachts and more, with a high level of accuracy and fast acquisition of data. Our Faro Focus is used for applications including boat hulls, interiors, engine rooms and hard to reach spaces such as service tunnels. The data can be processed for use as a visualisation and measurement tool or developed fully into CAD files for reverse engineering, design changes, performance analysis, repairs and as built comparisons.


High definition 3D laser scanning surveys for:
• Aviation
• Marine
• Architecture and construction
• Land survey
• Archeology
• Historic records
• Forensic analysis
CAD modelling services:
• Point cloud conversion to meshes
• Surfaces and solid models
• Yacht measurement


  • Dubai International Airports
  • Falmouth Maritime Museum
  • RP Aerosystems
  • Offshore Racing Congress
  • British Virgin Islands Airport Authority
  • Batt Sails
  • Amgram Naval Architects
  • Marine Specialised Technology
  • Jason Ker
  • Shemara Refit LLP
  • Owen Clarke Design

Marine Services

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Replacement or new parts or structures are often manufactured off site. To ensure the perfect fit, the existing structure is scanned and modelled to a very high accuracy and used in the design and manufacture of new components or structures.

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Some yacht racing rules require precise measurement so that the boat’s performance can be defined by the velocity prediction programme. Laser scanning is perfect for creating a complete 3D representation of the boat’s hull which is then fed into the Offshore Racing Congress's (ORC) software so that a handicap rating can be calculated.

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3D laser scanning is ideal for verifying manufactured parts relative to the original CAD file. Plugs or mould tools can be checked for fairness, accuracy of mating flanges and dimensions.S3D models for developing hydrostatic dataUsing the laser scan to create a 3d model of the hull allows the designers to simulate the performance of the hull through the water.

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Many older yachts and ships have no record drawings of either the design or the final built shape. Laser scans provide designers with accurate 3d models of hulls and superstructures so that improvements can be made. See our case study on Misty.

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Laser scanning is a non-contact method of surveying and therefore heritage recording using this technique minimises the risk of damage to historic sites. Heritage buildings, monuments and sites can be accurately measured completely unobtrusively.

Faro Laser Scanner

The Faro Laser Scanner is capable of obtaining millions of points in 3D space in a few minutes, to create a complete 3D image of any object. Normally a 50' yacht hull be scanned in 1-2 hours with around 8-10 individual scans.

The scan points are post-processed to create a point cloud which can then be messed, surfaced and modelled. The Faro is light and portable, so it is ideal for interiors and tight spaces.

Our Leica C10 is a powerful, fast and accurate long range scanner, and combined with Leica’s Cyclone software, provides an excellent platform for large structures.

Both scanners incorporate cameras, which can give a full 360-degree view of the scanned objects. The colours from the photography can be assigned to the points, which can then make the point cloud easier to interpret.

Leica C10