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WGS-84 Implementations
and Aerodrome Surveys


lobal Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as the Navstar GPS have become an essential tool for navigation in the 21st century, especially in aviation where WGS-84 provides a single global coordinate system for a global industry. Therefore, since the 1990s, ICAO have required that all geospatial data necessary to enable the safe operation of airports and aircraft is surveyed in the WGS-84 system. We have been carrying out WGS-84 surveys at aerodromes since the mid-1990s and are now the largest private aeronautical survey specialist in Europe. We offer a complete package of WGS-84 implementation services and software support to airports and national administrations worldwide.

Aerodrome Surveys

WGS-84 Implementations

Geodetic connection to WGS-84, installation of geodetic networks, surveys of significant aerodrome points such as runway thresholds, taxiway holds, aircraft parking stands and radio navigation aids, all in accordance with ICAO Doc 9674,’WGS-84 Manual’

Aerodrome Obstruction Surveys (Annex 14 & eTOD)

Survey and publication of obstacles that penetrate the Obstacle Limitations Surfaces (OLS) as defined in ICAO Annex 14, and the eTOD areas as defind in Annex 15

Bespoke Software Systems for Safeguarding and eTOD

GDMS Desktop is currently in use at over 60 different locations around the world. The cloud-based version allows access to features from mobile devices

Precise Pavement Surveys

Runways, taxiways and aprons are often required to be surveyed to a very high accuracy, typically +/- 2mm, to enable the design of pavement upgrades or rehabilitation in accordance with the manouevring area gradients specified in Annex 14 and national specifications. This is achieved using robotic total stations or laser scanning

Pavement/Gradient Surveys for EASA transition (Slope Analysis)

The transition to EASA certification requires the aerodrome operator to declare compliance to the maximum gradients for the aircraft manoeuvring areas. Our gradient surveys using mobile GNSS equipment provide the aerodrome operators with the information they require to make these declarations

Very High Resolution Stereo Satellite imagery

Acquired using Pléiades, WorldView or GeoEye satellites

Electronic Terrain Data from Satellite Imagery

Very accurate DTM (bare earth) and DSM (highest surface) models can be extracted from stereo satellite imagery. Ground Control Points (GCPs) are required and typical vertical accuracies are better than 1m

WGS-84 Aerodrome Obstruction Surveys

T he aim of an aerodrome survey is to provide accurate positional information to enable the aerodrome operators to meet their safety responsibilities and provide the data required by all stakeholders (operators, civil aviation authorities and IFP designers) to:

  • consider aerodrome licensing issues
  • design and develop operational flight procedures
  • prepare charts
  • conduct safety evaluations
  • promulgate information in the AIP and other associated documents

The requirement is to provide quality assured lists of aerodrome facilities (i.e. runways, navigation aids, etc.) and features identified as obstacles for each aerodrome. These lists form the basis for all charting, obstacle filtering (using obstacle identification surfaces) and analysis for Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) design.

After twenty-one years and 260 airports, SLC Associates – Geomatic Solutions are now the largest private aeronautical survey specialist in Europe and offer a complete package of data collection (survey) and software support to airports and national civil aviation authorities.

Our Commitment

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Data Integrity

To provide positional data that is fit for purpose and meets all the data integrity requirements needed for safety critical aeronautical data.

SLC Associates WGS-84 Aerodrome survey image


All survey work is carried out in accordance with ICAO Doc 9674 – WGS-84 Manual, EASA AMC & GM to Part ADR and relevant national specifications.

SLC Associates WGS-84 Aerodrome survey services image

Quality Assurance

Long established Standard Operating Procedures along with QA procedures certified to ISO 9001:2008, which are currently being developed to full ADQ compliance.

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