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Our mission is to provide geospatial data of the highest quality for any purpose. This has traditionally been for mapping purposes but nowadays is biased towards aeronautical data.


LC Associates have now been operating for over 30 years. The original partnership was incorporated in January 2001 as Geomatic Solutions Ltd but continues to trade under the more familiar names of SLC Associates or SLC Geomatic Solutions. The corporate logo was also changed in 2010 and now says ‘SLC Geomatic Solutions’, a trading name that is becoming more familiar.

Our specialist aeronautical Surveyors have now successfully carried out over 260 WGS-84 aerodrome surveys in 34 different countries around the World. We have also developed specialist software to handles electronic terrain and obstacle data (eTOD) and analyses aerodrome obstructions. To date GDMS is available online as well as in a Desktop version and is in use at over 60 locations worldwide.

Our specialist aeronautical Surveyors have successfully carried out over 260 WGS-84 aerodrome surveys and continue to provide aeronautical grade positional data worldwide.
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  • Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, SLC Associates operate worldwide and to date have worked in 34 different countries. SLC Associates have been accredited to ISO 9001 since September 1997 and are currently working towards being fully ADQ compliant for the aeronautical industry.

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    We provide a full range services for WGS-84 Implementations and Aerodrome Obstruction Surveys with Software Systems for Safeguarding and eTOD.

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Our Team

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Stephen Card

Director of Operations

Stephen founded SLC Associates in 1987 after 10 years as a Surveyor (Engineering) and Combat Engineer in the Royal Engineers and a short spell with Wild Heerbrugg (now Leica GeoSystems). Stephen’s experience in working in adverse climates and conditions means that he’s often the first choice to lead the overseas teams. Stephen has also been instrumental in the development of our in-house software systems and now carries out many of the GDMS software training courses all around the World.


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Oliver Bates

Director of Compliance

Oliver joined SLC Associates as a graduate in 2005 and after a few years in the mapping department moved across to join the aviation team. In addition to overseeing many of the larger aviation projects, Oliver also has the task of keeping the Company’s operating procedures up to date and compliant to UK and international regulations



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Chris Williams

Technical Development Manager

Chris has been responsible for software development and custom applications since 1995.  His team wrote the original safeguarding software, AST-Pro, in 2003 and the new  GDMS Desktop and Enterprise in 2009.  Chris provides technical support for all our bespoke software systems as well as being responsible for new applications.

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Anna Cisowska

Project Manager

Anna, who has a Masters degree in Geodesy and Cartography, joined the mapping department in 2008 and moved to the aviation team in 2011. Since then Anna has worked at airports all over the world including Cameroon, the Caribbean, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar and the UAE, as well as the majority of the UK airports.


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Sabina Plavicheanu

Special Projects Manager

Sabina has a Bachelor’s degree in Geodesy, a Master’s degree in Geodesy and GIS and PhD in Aeronautical Geodesy.

In addition to being an active member of the aviation team working on current airport projects, Sabina works closely with our technical partners in the development of specialist projects such as; ‘methods for airport automatic change detection by Remote Sensing image analysis’ and ‘Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) implementation, a comprehensive database which supports every airport and aeronautical applications’.


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Malgorzata Bates

Project Manager

Malgorzata, or Mal as she’s better known, also has a Masters degree in Surveying and GIS and joined the mapping department in 2008 and then transitioned across to the aviation team in 2011 where she is responsible for AIP charting and ArcGIS.


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James Baxter

Aviation Survey

James has a Master’s degree in Surveying and is the most recent addition to the team having joined in September 2017.  Since then, James has been a member of teams working all around the UK and Republic of Ireland, including London’s Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and  Southend Airports, Airbus Hawarden, BAE Systems Warton, Cranfield and Waterford in the Republic of Ireland.


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Mark Stuchbury

Project Manager

Mark is our longest serving team member having joined the mapping department in 1997. Although now a member of the aviation team, Mark continues to be responsible for a lot of the mapping tasks that we get given, the most common of which are the EASA gradient surveys.