Jersey Airport

Jersey Airport re-sign with Geomatic Solutions Ltd

21 years after SLC Associates helped Jersey Airport to become the first British airport to comply with the WGS-84 implementation regulations, Jersey airport have reunited with Geomatic Solutions Ltd – SLC Associates to supply their aerodrome surveys.  The change comes about due to an impending change in the regulations and the introduction of new EASA requirements such as ADQ-IR and …

SLC Associates

eTOD Area 2 for Kuwait International Airport

Geomatic Solutions Ltd – SLC Associates have just signed a new contract with Kuwait DGCA to supply eTOD Area 2 at Kuwait International Airport.  Ground Control Points for the stereo satellite imagery and the obstacle survey will be carried out within the next two months. Learn more about our aerodrome services here.

SLC Associates

Case Study: Offshore Racing Congress to develop laser scanning for yacht measurement

Our scanning division has been working closely with the Offshore Racing Congress to develop laser scanning for yacht measurement. Some yacht racing rules require precise measurement and laser scanning is perfect for creating a complete 3D representation of the boat’s hull. The data collected from the scans is processed and the results are fed into the ORC’s software, so that the boat’s …

SLC Associates

Case Study: Scanning of aircraft Stands in Dubai

A major airport is an exceptionally complex environment, and scanning can play an important role in planning, construction, refurbishment, safety case analysis and hazard detection. Laser scanning adds 3D visualisation and measurement capability, along with the ability to develop or compare CAD models. The aircraft Stands at Dubai International Airport were scanned with the Leica C10. The point cloud data …