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An AMDB is a spatial database of an airport. An AMDB dataset describes the spatial layout of an aerodrome in terms of features (e.g. runways, taxiways, parking stands) with geometry described as points, lines or polygons, and with attributes (e.g. surface type) providing further information. AMDBs are produced and exchanged as datasets using global standards and tools of mainstream Geographic Information System (GIS) technology such as ArcGIS.
Historically, AIP charts were delivered in PDF format. Nowadays, many eAIP systems can accept the native formats or AIXM. Our AIP ready charts are produced using AutoCAD or ArcGIS
Topographical surveying is all about accurately mapping the environment. Digital plans are produced using a combination of tools available to the surveyor depending on the accuracy and coverage required. For smaller areas or areas which require a high accuarcy (3mm – 15mm), we will use a combination of GPS and total stations. Our terrestrial laser scanners (Leica C10 and FARO) are also used to good effect in areas where the content is very complex, such as industrial sites or where a high level of detail is needed, for example pavement surveys where a dense point spacing is required. For larger areas which are sometimes required for GIS or master planning applications and have a lesser accuracy requirement, we will use imagery acquired by aerial or satellite sensors or an airborne laser scanner (LiDAR). Plans are normally produced at scales of 1:1000 and upwards to 1:10,000
Our scanning division specialises in high definition 3D laser survey, point cloud conversion and CAD modelling and can provide a range of services to industry, including marine, aviation, engineering and construction.Our Leica C10 is perfect for large scale surveys of buildings, aircraft stands, factories, ships, superyachts and more, with a high level of accuracy and fast acquisition of data. We use our Faro Focus for applications including boat hulls, interiors, engine rooms and hard to reach spaces such as service tunnels

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